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Q1. Can I join HKMUNC 2020 individually?
Yes, we welcome individual applications!

Q2. There is no advisor with me. Is that OK too?
Yes, you can still participate without any advisor coming with you.

Q3. I am a secondary school student. Does that mean I am not eligible for HKMUNC 2020?
For HKMUNC, we will only accept university students. 
However, we will be organizing one in July for secondary school students! Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q4. There are two topics for each committee. Do I have to prepare for both in our assignment and during the conference?
Delegates will vote the topic they would like to discuss in the beginning. However, usually there will not be enough time to cover both topics. Therefore, you will discuss one topic only in the committee. For the assignment, you will need to write your position papers on both topics.

Q5. I cannot find the question that I want to ask in this FAQ session. What should I do?

You can write to us on Facebook, or write to info@hkmunc.org.hk. You are always welcome!