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Q1. Can I join HKMUNC 2020 individually?
Yes, we welcome individual applications!

Q2. There is no advisor with me. Is that OK too?
Yes, you can still participate without any advisor coming with you.

Q3. Is HKMUNC holding Hong Kong Secondary School Model United Nations Conference (HKSSMUNC) this year?

The annual HKSSMUNC will be held as Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference (HKMUNC) this year as we are recruiting both secondary and university students!

Q4. Will I get a full refund if HKMUNC2020 is cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing epidemic?

Yes, full refund is guaranteed if the Conference is cancelled or postponed. The Secretariat will continue to keep their eyes on related regulations. 

Besides, social distancing measures such as recruiting fewer delegates and cancelling social event are imposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q5. My friend and I are planning to join HKMUNC 2020 as single delegates. Will we be assigned into the same delegation when our countries preference are the same?

You and your friend may be grouped into the same delegation. WHO & DISEC are in single or mixed delegation, delegates in the same team might be assigned to double delegation when necessary; UNHRC is in double delegation, each 2 delegates in a team should choose the same preferred country and committee to be paired up.

However, if there are 3 or more delegates have the same countries preference as you and your friend, the country assignment will be done based on the written assignment. Therefore, you are advised to sign up as a team with your friends! if you would like to work together in a double delegation, you can put yourselves next to each other on the application form, like Head Delegate and delegate #2, or #3 and #4, etc.

Q6. There are two topics for each committee. Do I have to prepare for both in our assignment and during the conference?
Delegates will vote the topic they would like to discuss in the beginning. However, usually there will not be enough time to cover both topics. Therefore, you will discuss one topic only in the committee. For the assignment, you will need to write your position papers on both topics.

Q7. I cannot find the question that I want to ask in this FAQ session. What should I do?

You can write to us on Facebook, or write to You are always welcome!

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