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Topics & Committees

Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

The United Nation General Assembly Third Committee, namely Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues Committee (SOCHUM) is a committee dedicated to improving the well-being and the lives of people all around the world, promoting equity for all and fighting against injustices that still persist in today’s society.

1. Elimination of Child, Early and Forced Marriage

Child early and forced marriage, unfortunately, remains an issue in the status quo for the diversified cultures around the world, targeting on especially girls. In Africa and South Asia, nearly 1 in 5 girls are married by 15. Early and forced marriage fundamentally stems from a difference in societal norms, where rural communities may view a girl as a shame or an economic burden. Such issue, being intertwined with plethora of cultural differences, is not merely cultural but more humanitarian whenever left unresolved, women would be deprived of their rights to survival. By addressing this issue, gender equality would be the surge to respect rights of female in making decisions of their own accord. 

2. Improving International Volunteerism

Globalisation contributes to upsurge in volunteerism, regardless of its nature. Altruism, albeit a genuine intention behind voluntary work, could be detrimental if it has gone too far, especially when volunteerism is deemed ineffectively actualised and unfulfilling due to unsatisfactory management, coordination and inadequate pre-service training. Somehow voluntary actions are condemned to be lacking distinctive educational value, too exploitative and unsustainable to foster recovery of targeted service recipients, or otherwise, too profit-oriented. Safety and health of volunteers in war zones and countries with outbreak of epidemics and famine are concerns that compromise the yet relevant and pragmatic services provided by volunteers. Consular and organisation support network and adequate safety protection are thus crucial to be incorporated into viable and sustainable solutions.

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