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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a UN organisation established to better address a coordinated response to issues of illicit trafficking and abuse of drugs, criminal justice, prevention of crime, international terrorism, and political corruption.

1. Actions to Combat Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse

In the real-world scenario, drug trafficking and abuse have always topped the list of alarming contemporary global issues. While with indefinite or unstandardised national policies in cultivation of crops and illicit (or even legit) drug manufacturing, the road to fighting drug trafficking, either trans-nationally or locally, would have been thorned. By estimation, seizured drugs or crops in illicit production and trade comprised of, but definitely not limited to, thousands tons in a year worldwide. Whilst drug abuse has spread across the younger-sprout generations, UN has surely felt the cogent urge to practically combat such problem of complexity. 

2. Preventing the Use of Information Technology to Abuse and Exploit Children

Improved accessibility to ICTs including the advent of 5G networking, big data, and widespread uses of neural engines, leaping technologies and innovations have reshaped our social pattern and communication strategy. Complete exposure to the anonymity in virtuality could plunge children into uncharted danger. In fact, child abuse and exploitation have strode into new frontier. Children under inappropriate parental supervision could become victims of cyberenticement, cyberharassment, cyberbullying and sexual exploitation whilst law enforcement could never catch their tails in the digital world due to acute lack of technical capacity. In DeepWeb context, self-generated sexually explicit and child sexual abuse materials are more than prevalent, but monetarily rewarding for criminal enterprises. The time for child protection in ICT is always right now.

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