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Sponsor Us
Why sponsor us?

We believe that you recognize the importance of a community that promote awareness in global issues and share our vision of international exposure. The Club is organizing numerous events like talks, trainings, workshops, and the annual international MUN conference etc, and we need sufficient funds for all participants to join all these learning opportunities. As the Hong Kong Model United Nations Club solely relies on our benevolent sponsors, we sincerely ask for your generous support. This would be a significant step in training up future leaders and benefiting the society.


1. To enjoy cost-effective promotion in recognition
A comprehensive and long-term publicity campaign will be conducted by HKMUNC to maximize sponsors’ exposure and coverage in the local press, as well as to enhance the company’s reputation among current and potential clients. The public can generate 
top-of-mind awareness towards the Sponsor.


2. To enter the global market
Since the annual conferences of the HKMUNC 
attract over 400 participants from all over the world, your products and services would be easily and effectively reach out to them, making this a helpful way to enter the global market.


3. To reach out to an audience of tertiary students as youth market
Our estimated impressions numbers based on the projected number of people who will view the broadcast, read the editorials, receive the leaflets and read the prints in campus is estimated to over 300,000. Your products or services will be promoted to a lot of local and foreign university students.


4. To recognize the Sponsor’s dedication towards the success of this eye-fixing events

Our targeted participants are university students with high potentials in their future careers. The positive image of appearance in these international events will be built up. Their high purchasing power in the near future would be a good fit for your company.


5. To reinforce the Sponsor’s brand image of social contribution, innovation and profession, as well as to generate goodwill

Our promotion not only helps the credibility of your company’s image and the brand that you are trying to present to the community, but also increase your brand value.

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